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Have you ever fancied writing about film but didn't know where to start? Well we're currently looking for new writers to join our exciting team - so if you want to write about the latest films, or DVDs and Blu-rays then we're looking for you.

All of our reviewing positions are voluntary, but we do offer the opportunity to pitch for paid feature work and regular writers get preference when we commission new articles.

We can get you access to most press screenings in and around London as well as access to the latest DVDs and Blu-rays, usually well before they hit the shelves - so there are benefits - and we also have a proven track record of helping people break into wider film journalism or other areas of the film industry. Ex-TDF writers are actively writing for and editing some of the biggest entertainment websites in the UK and some have also moved into DVD and Blu-ray production, so there are a huge number of opportunities out there we can help you make strides towards.

We stick to the UK Film Blogs charter - so we don't go in for clickbait or some of the other unsavoury activities that some other sites undertake to get clicks, we also strive to support diversity and would love to hear from writers from all backgrounds. Unfortunately, our UK focus means we're really only looking for writers based in the UK at present.

If you're interested in talking to us more about joining the site, please email us at and tell us a little about you, your film interests and, if you have them, send us some examples of your previous writing.

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