Columbia Tristar launch their budget FlixBox range in May

Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment have now revealed details on their new range of budget-priced movie FlixBox collections that each feature 3 themed movies for the retail price of just £19.99 The first 12 FlixBox sets will arrive on 17th May 2004 and consist of...

FlixBox - America's Sweethearts, Sleepless in Seattle CE, Dirty Dancing
FlixBox - Knight's Tale, Princess Bride, Mask of Zorro
FlixBox - Ghostbusters, MIB, Evolution
FlixBox - Trapped, Identity, Bone Collector
FlixBox - Not Another Teen Movie, Loser, Evil Woman
FlixBox - Joan of Arc, Glory, Patriot (Gibson)
FlixBox - Bridge on River the River Kwai (disc 1) , Guns of Navarone, From Here to Eternity
FlixBox - Sense & Sensibility CE, Remains of Day, Little Women CE
FlixBox - Spider-Man (disc 1), Charlie's Angels, Vertical Limit
FlixBox - 13 Ghosts, Darkness Falls, Night of the Living Dead
FlixBox - Dracula, JC's Vampires, Fright Night
FlixBox - Blue Streak, I Spy, National Security

As you can see any two-disc sets have been reduced to movie-only editions but other than that the information we have tells us features are identical to those editions already out to buy singularly.

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