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Classic Doctor Who Titles For May and June

BBC Worldwide have just announced the titles of the two next releases in their "Classic Who" series, following April's Survival.

May 28th will see the release of Robot, the 1974 debut of Tom Baker's fourth Doctor. This four-parter by Terrance Dicks sees the newly-regenerated Doctor teaming up with the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) to battle the eponymous robot as it carries out the bidding of the evil Miss Winters in her scheme to hold the world to ransom.

Extras announced include:

  • Commentary by Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Terrance Dicks and producer Barry Letts.

  • Are Friends Electric? A full-length documentary covering Tom Baker's debut

  • The Tunnel Effect: A fourteen-minute featurette in which Bernard Lodge talks about creating the opening "never-ending tunnel" sequence for Tom Baker's era

  • Episode of Blue Peter broadcast from the Robot set

  • Photo Gallery

  • Production Notes

  • Radio Times Listings in pdf format

  • June's release will be the infamous Colin Baker two-parter Timelash. First broadcast in March 1985 as part of Season Twenty-Two, this story, costarring Nicola Bryant as companion Peri, can be regularly found lurking near the top of "Worst Story Ever" polls and sees the Sixth Doctor having to face the combined threats of the deadly Borad, the sock-like Bandrils and Paul Darrow hamming it up as much as possible.

    Extras announced include:

  • Commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Paul Darrow

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Twenty-five minute documentary covering the making of the story.

  • Photo Gallery

  • Production notes

  • Radio Times Listings in pdf format

  • "Coming Soon" trailer for future releases

  • Timelash is scheduled to be released on 25th June. Further information, as always, can be found at the Restoration Team's website here.

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