China Strike Force out to rent this September

Mosaic Entertainment have announced the 1st September 2003 rental DVD release of Stanley Tong's China Strike Force starring Aaron Kwok (Stormriders) and Mark Dacascos (Brotherhood of the Wolf). And that is just about all we have on this one, though the following may be of interest...

Synopsis: Brash, egotistical cop Darren (Aaron Kwok) and his cool-headed partner Alex are the brightest stars of Team 808, an elite police unit set up to stop international drug smuggling. But all that could change if they botch their biggest ever mission - toppling drug czar Tony Lau (Mark Dacascos) and his streetwise South Central contact Coolio before they can open up the biggest untapped drug market in the world - Mainland China. The stakes get even higher with the introduction of a mysterious Japanese woman (former Miss Japan Norika Fujiwara) who may be on either side. Over the top martial arts mayhem, culminating in an eye-popping, death defying stunt that shouldn't be seen by anyone afraid of heights, are the order of the day for this fast moving thriller.

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