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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (R1) in November - Updated Specs

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for 8th November 2005. Long isolated from his own family, Willy Wonka launches a worldwide contest to select an heir to his candy empire. Five lucky children from around the world, including Charlie Bucket, draw Golden Tickets from Wonka chocolate bars and win a guided tour of the legendary candy making facility that no outsider has seen in 15 years.

Johnny Depp headlines director Tim Burton's 2005 re-imagining of the classic Roald Dahl novel.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be available in a 2-Disc Deluxe Edition at $30.97 SRP in widescreen format. A Single Disc Edition (including two special features) will be available for $28.98 SRP in both full frame and widescreen formats. Language options on all editions include English, French and Spanish DD5.1 Surround EX and subtitles.

The 2-disc Deluxe Edition Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD will include a pack of FIVE Limited Edition Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trading Cards plus the following special features:

  • Making-of Featurettes:
    • Chocolate Dreams: Learn about Tim Burton's vision for the film and how he adapted the story.
    • Different Faces, Different Flavors: Meet the actors and learn about the characters they play.
    • Designer Chocolate: Learn about the film's production design.
    • Under the Wrapper: Go behind the scenes to see how the film's special effects were created.
    • Sweet Sounds: Watch the creation of the 4 Oompa-Loompa songs by composer Danny Elfman.
  • Attack of the Squirrels: See how real squirrels were trained to perform in the film.
  • Fantastic Mr. Dahl: Learn about author Roald Dahl’s life story and extraordinary body of work.
  • Becoming Oompa-Loompa: See how one actor, Deep Roy, was turned into a multi talented army of Oompas.
  • DVD Menu Challenges:
    • Oompa-Loompa Dance
    • The Inventing Machine
    • The Bad Nut
    • Search For the Golden Ticket
  • DVD-ROM (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PC game demo and web links)

The single disc contains the following special features:
  • Becoming Oompa-Loompa - see how one man became hundreds of Oompa-Loompas.
  • Menu Challenge – Oompa-Loompa Dance.

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