Chained for Life trailer: Aaron Schimberg’s film deals with a subject few want to talk about

Representation in cinema continues to be a hot topic and director Aaron Schimberg's Chained for Life directly addresses how people with facial differences have been portrayed in films like Elephant Man and Freaks. It also starts Adam Pearson who has the neurofibromatosis condition and starred in 2013's Under the Skin.

The director, who also has a facial difference, calls it a comedy but accepts that others may also see it as a tragedy. It has picked up rave reviews on the festival circuit so far and will also be appearing at this year's London Film Festival. Watch the trailer for Chained for Life above to see more.

A beautiful actress struggles to connect with her disfigured co-star on the set of a European auteur's English-language debut. Through pitch-black satire, Chained for Life examines the treatment of disability on screen and on set.

Schimberg also written the script, with the cast also starring Jess Weixler, Charlie Korsmo, Stephen Plunkett and Sari Lennick.

If you like the look of the film, you can visit the BFI website to purchase tickets for Chained for Life right now.

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