Captain Scarlet Announced

Carlton have officially announced the Region 2 release of Captain Scarlet. Due on 17 September, we can expect all 32 episodes to be spread over five volumes along with a DVD boxset with an extra sixth disc containing a new documentary.

Each DVD will retail for £15.99 with the boxset weighing in at £74.99. All discs will feature a new remixed 5.1 channel Dolby Digital soundtrack and various extras as outlined below:

Volume 1
Episodes: The Mysterons / Winged Assassin / Big Ben Strikes Again / Manhunt / Avalanche / White As Snow
Features: 'Audio adventure', character biographies, Gerry Anderson audio commentary, original publicity section

Volume 2
Episodes: The Trap / Operation Time / Spectrum Strikes Back / Special Assignment / The Heart Of New York / Lunarville 7
Features: 'Audio adventure', four TV adverts, profile of the 21 episodes, Cloudbase profile

Volume 3
Episodes: Point 783 / Model Spy / Seek and Destroy / Traitor / Renegade Rocket / Crater 101
Features: 2 'Audio adventures', vehicles section, comics and novel profile

Volume 4
Episodes: Shadow of Fear / Dangerous Rendezvous / Fire at Rig 15 / Treble Cross / Flight 104 / Place of Angels
Features: 'Audio adventure', behind-the-scenes stills gallery, memorabilia profile, Golden Shot appearance

Volume 5
Episodes: Noose of Ice / Expo 2068 / The Launching / Codename Europa / Inferno / Flight To Atlantica / Attack on Cloudbase / The Inquisition
Features: Gerry Anderson commentary, behind-the-scenes gallery

Box Set
Features: As above + behind-the-scenes insight, interviews with puppeteers and directors, a new documentary made by Gerry Anderson.

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