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There has been some concern around the various forums and newsgroups regarding the Canadian Region 1 release of Criterion's Traffic disc. The packaging of the Canadian disc does not feature a full Criterion cover and is not numbered as part of their series of discs, unlike the US disc. However, there may be a solution - if you live in Canada, and if not it does still bode well for future Canadian Criterion releases.

DVD Forums reader, Jonathan Roadley has been in touch with Criterion themselves and has received the following reply to his email...

The Canadian distributor of Criterion's TRAFFIC - Alliance Atlantis - have committed to support Canadian collectors by providing a replacement cover for this release. This offer, like the Canadian edition itself, is meant for Canada and Canadian customers only and will not be available to customers with mailing addresses outside of Canada.

The corrected cover will be available on future pressings of the Canadian DVD edition of TRAFFIC Please send your TRAFFIC cover (sleeve only - please do not send any other packaging or the DVD itself) to the following address:

Rebecca Kollias
c/o Alliance Atlantis
121 Bloor St. East
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3M5

The replacement cover will be sent to you when it becomes available. Please include a return address with your package.

If you have any further questions on this matter, please contact Alliance Atlantis.

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