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Camp Kill Yourself Collector’s Box in February

VDI Entertainment and Slam Films have announced the UK DVD release of Camp Kill Yourself Collector’s Box for 26th February 2007. Camp Kill Yourself (CKY) is the original extreme stunts and pranks series that was too hot for TV and provided the inspiration for Jackass. Featuring the likes of Bam Margera, Brandon Dicamillo, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Jess Margera and Rake Yohn.

The Collector’s Box (£19.99 RRP) is released for the first time in the UK alongside repackaged and budget price editions (£7.99 RRP) of the discs it contains - CKY Trilogy Round 1, CKY Trilogy Round 2 and CKY4: The Latest and Greatest.

CKY Trilogy Round 1 - Before teaming up with Johnny Knoxsville on MTV’s Jackass, daredevil goofballs Bam Margera and Raab Himself made names for themselves as part of Camp Kill Yourself, better known as simply CKY. Along with several skateboarding clips and comedy sketches, ‘CKY Trilogy Round 1’ features an array of stunts involving shopping carts and the CKY crew’s own version of bowling.

CKY Trilogy Round 2 features an array of stunts including Raab defecating from the top of a four-storey building after consuming 18 laxatives and Bam roughing up his father, Phil Margera.

CKY4: The Latest and Greatest - Jackass crew member, and West Chester, PA native Bam Margera returns with another insane episode of the skateboarding, comedy, and stunt series he began before he gained worldwide notoriety via MTV. This instalment features more of the crazy antics, skits, skate footage, and torture of his beleaguered father, Phil that we’ve all come to expect – set to the music of CKY: the band.

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