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Buy It Now in August

Dogwoof Pictures have announced the UK DVD release of Buy It Now on 13th August 2007 priced at £14.99. Buy It Now - ‘Virginity for Sale’ is Antonio Campos’ Cannes award-winning take on our modern obsession with consumption and celebrity.

Buy It Now tells the story of disturbed sixteen year old, Chelsea Magan, selling her virginity on the online auction site eBay. The film is split into two parts, the first shot in documentary style, the second as a drama. The documentary section of the film is comprised of Chelsea’s diary and raw footage starting with her decision to put herself on the market, through to her settling into an anonymous hotel room to meet the faceless, much older buyer of her virginity, and the downward spiral from there.

The second section takes a more traditional narrative path, but together with the first section they paint a complete and intimate picture of who Chelsea is and why she’s doing what she’s doing. Armed with Chelsea’s ‘real’ confusion, depression and peer pressure as presented in the diary section, the drama and narrative is more poignant and emotive than in a run of the mill drama.

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