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A quick look at the BBFC website this morning revealed some interesting information regarding the special features of the upcoming Buffy Season 3 release from Fox. The following material was classified on 11 July, and are all prefixed at the BBFC site with 'Buffy Season 3':

Featurette: Buffy Speak
Run Time: 6m 08s

Featurette: Wardrobe
Run Time: 6m 44s

Featurette: Special Effects
Run Time: 12m 49s

Featurette: Weapons
Run Time: 5m 06s

Gag Reel
Run Time: 2m 24s

Added together, these make just over half an hour of extra material. The Gag Reel in particular caught my attention - perhaps these could be outtakes from the filming of the show, or maybe pranks between the actors and/or crew. At only 2m 24s, we're not going to see a lot, but it's certainly nice to see something a bit different from the previous releases.

There may of course be other material to be included on the discs which has not yet been classified. Watch this space for more information.

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