Buffy S4 extras at the BBFC

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The BBFC have rated some of the extras that we can expect to see on Fox's upcoming release of Buffy Season 4. Details are as follows:

  • Featurette: Inside the music - 13:31

  • Featurette: Introducing Spike - 11:17

  • Featurette: Hush - 5:04

  • Outtakes - 2:30

Not the world's most exciting set of extras. Introducing Spike will likely be a load of clips of the character taken from various episodes, interspersed with an interview with James Marsters. Hush will probably be Joss Whedon talking about the episode of the same name, again with much of the content being made up from clips from said episode. The only one which looks of any real interest is Inside the music - hopefully this will include contributions from Christophe Beck and the various bands that have been featured on Buffy, rather than an absolutely-no-link-whatsoever Hepburn-style affair.

The rumours from last September suggested a 25 March release date for the Season 4 set, and certain e-tailers seem to agree with this. However, The R2 Project is stating that the set is due on 13 May - a rather large difference. We are still expecting this season to be released in widescreen - if it's not, Fox will incur the wrath of a large number of very upset Buffy fans. More information when we have it.

Updated 1 FebruaryTwo more extras have now appeared at the BBFC site:
  • Featurette: Season 4 Overview - 34:59

  • Featurette: The Sets of Sunnydale with Carey Meyer - 9:25

Nothing to get too excited about then.

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