Buffy R1 - remastered transfers?

Just in case you haven't had enough Buffy-related news today...

There is an interesting rumour going around at the moment regarding the forthcoming Region 1 Buffy DVDs. BtVS executive producer Marti Noxon told Sci-Fi Wire website last month:

"They're going to be great. They're all remastered."

She goes on to describe some very familiar sets of extras to be included with the first three seasons, but it is her first comment that will be of particular interest to fans. Many purchasers of the Region 2/4 sets were disappointed with the picture quality, which at times was grainy to say the least. Some people put this down to poor source material, others to a shoddy transfer. Either way, a remastered set should be a considerable improvement.

Personally, I think this was simply a mistake on Marti's part. The Region 1 discs have been repeatedly delayed, and now will not be released until "at least 2002" (from a Fox representative), but this is due to disputes over syndication rights rather than any extra time needed to complete a remastering of the first three seasons. Having said that, Fox have been quoted as saying that fans "won't be shortchanged" when the Region 1 sets finally put in an appearance, and that the discs will include everything from the international releases and more.

If this rumour turns out to be true, I suspect multiple copies of Region 2 Buffy boxsets will be appearing on eBay as fans scramble to purchase the remastered American discs.

Thanks to DVD File for some of the information in this article, and to Jim Kelly and Ed Rooney for alerting me to this rumour.

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