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The BBC Buffy site has just put up an interview with Senior Vice President of Marketing for R1 Fox Home Entertainment, Peter Staddon. The interview contains a number of interesting things regarding the Region 1 Buffy and Angel DVDs, including the following:

Are we going to be seeing widescreen Buffy and Angel releases any time soon?If there are NTSC (the American TV format) masters available in widescreen, that’s what we’ll be putting on the DVD.
We’re really big into having the original aspect ratio up there, and giving what the creator intended. If Joss Whedon filmed it in widescreen there’s a reason for that, and that’s what we’ll be passing on to the fans.

Will you go with the book style packaging of the UK release?The US will probably go with the same type of packaging that we’ve done on season one, and on the X-Files and so on.

Is it the intention that the DVDs will include the uncut version of the musical episode?I think we’ve got to look at music clearance issues, but the intent is to put it out in the long format [although] I can’t give you a 100% guarantee on that.
As someone who’s a fan of the show, and someone who actually would love to see it out in the long format, we’ll be working very hard to make that happen. It might even come out as one on its own.

Read the full interview at the BBC's site here.

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