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It's been a couple of weeks since our last batch Buffy and Angel news, so it's about time we brought everything up to date with the latest news and rumours.

First, let's start with the biggest news of the last couple of weeks - both Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 3 and Angel: Season 1 have been announced over in Region 4. While they're getting their Buffy a little later than us, they appear to be getting Angel a bit earlier. As with the earlier Buffy seasons, Season 3 will be split into two boxes which will both be released on 14 November (we get Season 3 on 29 October). The 22 episodes will be spread over all six discs and we can also expect a number of features including four commentaries on the episodes "Helpless", "Bad Girls", "Consequences" and "Earshot", featurettes on the special effects, wardrobe and weapons, a Season 3 overview, "Buffy Speaks" featurette, cast biographies, still picture galleries, a gag reel and scripts.

Angel: Season 1 is expected two weeks later on 28 November. Once again, it'll be in the form of two boxsets with all 22 episodes of the season spread out fairly evenly. We can expect a couple of commentaries - one on the first disc by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, and one on the second disc by Jane Espenson, a Season One featurette, outtakes reel, a trailer, cast biographies, still picture gallery, scripts for "Five By Five" and "Sanctuary", and three featurettse: "I’m Cordelia", "Introducing Angel" and "The Demons".

There's no mention of the aspect ratio - although it's almost certain to be 4:3 and despite the current petition it's very unlikely that this will change - at least for Season 1.

Now closer to home, buyers of the VHS boxsets will have already seen a trailer for the Angel DVD boxset. The interesting thing about this is that there's a picture of the boxset itself at the end and it looks like ours will be all six discs in Amaray cases within a cardboard slipcase very similar in style to the first VHS boxset (pictured). Other than that, it looks like both Angel and Buffy will be identical to the Region 4 boxsets listed above.

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