Buena Vista for the rest of 2004

Roving DVD Times reporter Andy Hall was able to attend an event held by Buena Vista earlier this week in which they revealed their plans in Region 2 for the rest of the year.

Big releases include Hidalgo on 16 August, Kill Bill Vol. 2 on 11 October and the Coen Brothers latest The Ladykillers on 25 October.

Below you can see all of the titles we haven't covered before...

July 5th – Spider-Man vs Doc Ock
July 26th – Ducktales – Treasure of the Lost Lamp
August 1st – Disney’s Princess Party, Volume 1
August 16th – Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Looming Thunder
August 16th – Hidalgo
August 23rd – House of Sand and Fog
August 23rd – Human Stain
August 23rd – Recess – All Growed Down
August 23rd – Recess – Taking the Fifth Grade
August 30th – Our House
September 6th – Teacher’s Pet
September 13th – The Station Agent
September 13th – Walt Disney Treasures – Chronological Donald
September 20th – Under the Tuscan Sun
September 20th – The Three Musketeers
September 25th – Bionicle 2: Legends of Metro Nui
October 4th - Aladdin (Platinum Series)
October 4th - Aladdin Trilogy
October 4th - Jasmine’s Wish
October 4th - Jasmine’s Greatest Treasure
October 4th – Spider-Man – The Venom Saga
October 11th – Kill Bill Volume 2
October 11th – Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
October 25th – Kim Possible – A Stitch in Time
October 25th – The Ladykillers
November 1st – Mulan
November 1st – Mulan II
November 1st – Aladdin King of Thieves
November 1st – Return of Jafar
November 8th – Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Lightning Strikers
November 15th – Raising Helen
November 22nd – Mickey’s Twice upon a Christmas
November 22nd – Home on the Range
November 29th – King Arthur

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