Brothers by Blood trailer: Matthias Schoenaerts and Joel Kinnaman are cousins trapped in a circle of violence

The pairing of Joel Kinnaman and Matthias Schoenaerts seems like a good one, with both actors pretty adept at playing working class guys who can stick up for themselves. Brothers by Blood is based on Pete Dexter's 1991 novel 'Brotherly Love', and although the title is pretty generic, with these two in the lead it stands a good chance of becoming more than the sum of its parts. It would be good to see Schoenaerts in roles other than this type, as he seems to have more in his locker, and he's played this sort of character quite a few times already. Watch the trailer for Brothers by Blood above.

In the City of Brotherly Love, eight-year-old Peter Flood helplessly watches on as his little sister is killed by a neighbour’s reckless driving. Tormented with grief and resentment, his father finds revenge as the only solution, leaving lasting generational wounds. Thirty years later, Peter still wrestles with the guilt he feels over his sister’s death and his father’s vengeance. As he tries to distance himself from the criminal family business, his cousin, Michael, becomes more powerful in the hierarchy. Bonded by blood, neither man can escape violence as they are dragged further into a chilling cycle of betrayal and retribution.

Jérémie Guez writes and directs, with Maika Monroe and Ryan Phillippe in support of Kinnaman and Schoenaerts.

Brothers by Blood is in select theatres, on VOD and digital January 22, 2021.

Brothers by Blood (2020)
Dir: Jérémie Guez | Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Maika Monroe, Matthias Schoenaerts, Ryan Phillippe | Writers: Jérémie Guez, Pete Dexter (novel)

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