Brotherhood of the Wolf Canadian Exclusive edition (Updated!)

This is what the fans of Christophe Gans Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte Des Loups) have been waiting for, details of the Region 1 Canadian Exclusive editions from TVA International. Two editions will be available from October. The regular edition will feature the Directors Cut of the film presented in 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with French DD5.1/DTS Soundtracks and an English DD5.1 Dub, as well as both English and French Subtitles. Extra features on this release take the form of two audio commentaries, one with Director Christophe Gans, the other with actors Samuel LeBihan and Vincent Cassel, both in the French Language.

The Special Edition release will include three discs, the first will be identical to that found in the regular edition, while the second and third discs contain the same extra features as those found on the French Limited Edition set. These extras include two full length documentaries (80-minutes and 90-minutes in length), 6 Deleted Scenes, Photo Galleries, a short interview with a historian regarding the legend the film is based around and of course the usual Biographies and Trailers that round off the set.

Update! - We were a little concerned over the inclusion of English subtitles for the extra features on these releases but there is no longer any need to fret. The confirmation and thanks goes out to Mathieu Daoust, Chief Editor of, who has now confirmed that ALL of the supplemental material will contain English subtitles.

For a taste of what to expect from this release (which closely mimics the French release) please read Alexander Larman’s review of the 2-disc French release here.


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