Bridget Jones recalled?

We've been getting reports that the Region 2 DVD release of Bridget Jones' Diary has been recalled. According to a couple of emails I've received, the BBFC have taken exception to the director's commentary on the disc which unfortunately manages to leave an excised swearword from the main film soundtrack in place.

I haven't had a chance to confirm whether the recall has actually taken place - but I can confirm that the offending swear word is present so it does seem likely that this could be true. If it is, then expect the disc to take some time returning to the shelves - with the swear word removed.

If you're desperate for a copy then our advice is to try and get your hands on one now before the stores get a chance to enact the recall.

Update: We can now confirm that this story originated from Brian Wescombe, a poster on the newsgroup who received the following response from the BBFC with regards to his query on the offending swearword left in the Commentary track...

We have asked the company to pull the offending discs from the shelves. An '18' rated version is not an acceptable alternative under our policy of not allowing different versions of the film at different categories. The word must therefore be deleted from the director's commentary on future discs.

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