Brahms: The Boy II trailer: Katie Holmes is dealing with a creepy little doll

A horror simply called The Boy, isn't the most inventive or memorable, yet it turned out to be a relatively big success on a meagre budget back in 2016. The follow-up, Brahms: The Boy II (which sounds like a straight-to-video sequel from the 80s), returns to the haunted house that terrified the likes of Rupert Evans and Lauren Cohen last time round. Horror fans who liked the film will no doubt be looking forward to it, although how many regular cinema goers will remember the first film is another thing entirely. You could imagine Blumhouse would've had a sequel ready to go within a year. Although, if it does what it says on the tin that might not matter. Watch the trailer for Brahms: The Boy II above.

Unaware of the terrifying history of Heelshire Mansion, a young family moves into the estate, where their young son soon makes an unsettling new friend, an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms.

William Brent Hill returns for the sequel, directing a cast starring Katie Holmes, Ralph Ineson, Owain Yeoman and Christopher Convery.

Brahms: The Boy II opens in UK and US cinemas on February 21.

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