Brad Pitt joins the cast of Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Any news surrounding a new Tarantino film is always eagerly anticipated, although in some quarters it is likely to be tempered with the recent drama surrounding Uma Thurman and the stories being told about her time making Kill Bill.

However, we already knew that Leonardo DiCaprio had signed up to work with Tarantino again and that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were apparently in discussions about joining the cast. It was confirmed overnight that Brad Pitt is on-board and that the name of the film will be called Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - working from a script that Tarantino himself admits he has been working on for years.

The film is a period piece set in the 60s with the Manson murders playing out in the background. DiCaprio will play former Western TV series star Rick Dalton who is looking to get back to the big time in movies, with Pitt playing his stunt double Cliff Booth, who has his own dreams of making a name for himself, both of whom are two men out of time in a new era of Hollywood. Margot Robbie is apparently in discussions about the role of Sharon Tate, Dalton's next door neighbour

Tarantino told Variety ""I’ve been working on this script for five years, as well as living in Los Angeles County most of my life, including in 1969, when I was 7 years old. I’m very excited to tell this story of an LA, and a Hollywood that don’t exist anymore. And I couldn’t be happier about the dynamic teaming of DiCaprio & Pitt as Rick & Cliff."

Pre-production is under way and an initial date of 9 August, 2019 has been pencilled in as the release date.

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