Born on the Fourth of July CE (R2) in July

Universal Pictures Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Born on the Fourth of July (Collector's Edition) for 4th July 2005 priced at £15.99. Based on the autobiography of Ron Kovic and directed by Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers/Platoon), a fellow Vietnam Veteran and one of cinema’s most unique film makers. After directing Platoon, a film that focussed on the Vietnam War, Oliver Stone regarded Born on the Fourth of July as the natural successor, dealing with the aftermath of the war and the problems that veterans faced upon returning home. Born on the Fourth of July presents Tom Cruise as Ron Kovic, in a powerful, riveting and unforgettable portrayal of a Vietnam veteran paralysed from the mid-chest down. This is a sensitive, yet harrowing depiction of the life of the paralysed survivor of Vietnam who went on to become a major critic of the war and the American Government’s undignified treatment of its soldiers.

Features include:

  • Audio commentary by Oliver Stone
  • NBC News Archives Backstory: Born on the Fourth of July

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