Borat 2 trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen returns as the man from Kazakhstan

The first Borat film came out 14 years ago and with the US election pending Sacha Baron Cohen raced against the clock to film Borat: Subsequent MovieFilm during the summer and it is now ready for release on Amazon in a few weeks time. Borat Sagdiyev returns to America to make racist people say racist things so everyone can laugh at easy targets, with nothing else to the film beyond that, offering the big reveal that America has a race problem. Watching the trailer, it already feels pretty uncomfortable hearing Cohen use the accent, because while the joke is supposed to be on his targets, it's a lie to say half the jokes are not indulging xenophobia towards Borat and his version of Kazakhstan. The trailer for Borat 2 can be watched above.

“Borat 2” or “Borat: Subsequent MovieFilm,” is hurtling at us with tremendous energy and unheard-of timing. The movie will debut October 23 on Amazon Prime. Watch the first trailer below and see if Baron Cohen can recapture that magic again.

Jason Woliner directs, with Rudy Giuliani and Mike Pence due to appear in one form or antoher.

Borat 2 will be available to watch on Amazon Prime from October 23.

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