Blade II and Ice Age early DVD Details

Directors and Co-Directors have been divulging early details for two of the most popular films at the box-office right now. Entertainment Weekly squeezed out the following information from an interview with Blade 2 director Guillermo del Toro on what to expect for the DVD release of Blade 2 and other projects of his later in the year...

"...and we're coming out with an anniversary DVD of Cronos and a DVD of Devil's Backbone which will have some storyboards and my first commentary track.

What can we expect on the ‘Blade 2 DVD’?
Full storyboards of sequences that didn't make it into the movie, running commentary, and deleted scenes. The movie will be on one disc and the other disc will have lots of extras, like a making-of and interviews. I'm expecting it to be a handsome little devil.

C'mon, tell us about those deleted scenes.
There's one we called Sperm Removal. And all I can say is... well, you're just going to have get the DVD."

While Coming had the following to say about the forthcoming Ice Age DVD... wrote us with word they spoke to "Ice Age" co-director Chris Wedge about the plans for the DVD release of the CGI blockbuster.

It will feature a host of extra features including three fully completed sequences that were removed from the movie late in the day to improve the pacing, audio commentaries, and a great deal of artwork from various stages of the production, including story panels and rough animation. In addition Wedge hopes to show how at least one scene evolved as the movie progressed, showing how different edits and dialogue changes helped shape the final version.

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