Black Water: Abyss trailer: Big screen action returns to cinema screens on July 10

Cinemas are preparing to reopen on July 10 and first new films ready to welcome in anyone brave enough to return are hoping for the best. Fans of Crawl, The Descent and The Shallows will probably be attracted to watching Black Water: Abyss, which offers straight-up B-movie popcorn action. Quite how many tickets will be sold for the films scheduled for July (Christopher Nolan's Tenet is now set for July 31) remains to be seen over the coming weeks. And with thoughts of a dreaded second wave lingering in the back of everyone's mind, any sharp rise in COVID-19 numbers could see this 'return to normal' closed down quite quickly. Watch the trailer for Black Water: Abyss above.

Adventure-seeking couple Eric and Jennifer and their friends Yolanda and Viktor lowering themselves into an ominous cave in remote North Australia, with the help of the unpredictable Cash as their guide. But when a tropical storm floods the cave and traps them underground, they soon realise they aren’t alone in the water.

Andrew Traucki directs, with Luke Mitchell and Jessica McNamee leading and Amali Golden, Benjamin Hoetjes and Anthony J. Sharpe all in support.

Black Water: Abyss opens in UK cinemas from July 10.

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