Big news from Fox on Region 4

Fox have recently announced several high-profile releases (or re-releases as the case is for a few titles) for release in May/June on R4 DVD as part of their 'Action to the Max' launch. The titles and details are...

Speed Special Edition will come on 2-discs and is set to include a Directors Commentary, a Scene-Specific Commentary, 5 Featurettes, 5 Extended Scenes, an Image Gallery, Multi-Angle sequences, Multi-Stream Storyboards, Cast and Crew Interviews, the documentary 'The Making of Speed', a Billy Idol Music Video, Trailer and TV Spots and Easter Eggs! We think you can expect the forthcoming R1 5-Star Edition of Speed to be all but identical to this release.

Predator Special Edition will feature an Audio Commentary from Director John McTiernan, the 'If it Bleeds we'll Kill it' Documentary, 'Inside the Predator' 7 featurettes, Deleted Scenes and Outtakes, Special Effects Reel, Predator Camouflage tests, Stills Gallery, Predator Profile and Easter Eggs.

The Great Escape Special Edition will feature two documentaries 'The Great Escape - Heroes Underground' and 'Return to the Great Escape', a featurette, Audio Commentary, Theatrical Trailer and Photo Gallery.

Thelma and Louse Special Edition will feature an hour long documentary 'The Last Journey', an Audio Commentary with Director Ridley Scott, an Audio Commentary with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon and Calie Khouri, Music Video, Deleted SCenes, an Alternate Ending, Trailers and TV Spots and a Stills Gallery.

Conan the Barbarian Special Edition is set to include an Audio Commentary with Director John Millus and Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a documentary titled 'Conan Unchained: the Making of Conan', a Deleted Scenes sequence 'The Conan Archives' and Theatrical Trailers.

Conan the Destroyer Special Edition is set to include the Documentaries 'Comic Book' and 'Basil Poulesouris', Theatrical Trailer and two Photo Galleries 'Behind the Scenes' and 'Comic Book'.

Robocop Special Edition will feature both the Theatrical and Directors Cut versions of the film, 'Flesh and Steel - The Making of Robocop', 1987 Featurette 'Shooting Robocop', 1987 Featurette 'Making Robocop', Deleted Scenes, TRailers and TV Commercials, Storyboard Comparison and a Photo Gallery.

Source: Michael D's R4 Info Page

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