Big Bad Roy

OK, Colin kinda spoiled my plans for Roy Thompson's big entrance (f'narr, f'narr) in his little update the other day, but not to worry, I'll go soldiering on and pretend I never read the thing.

So, without further ado, let me introduce the new guy on the hardware block; Roy! Roy will be joining me today in the woefully under-covered hardware news section and will be covering all things DVD and home cinema related. Along with that, he'll occasionally be supplying us with the odd review of equipment here and there to beef up the other not-too-often updated section of the site.

Now, hopefully, this will leave me free to do more hardware reviews and organise more hardware competitions. Keep your eyes open for both a Pioneer 530 review and compy very, very shortly.

Anyway, please put your hands together and welcome the big man himself...

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