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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls SE (R2) in February

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as part of its Cinema Reserve Collection on 12th February 2007 priced at £17.99. From renowned and outrageous director Russ Meyer, this riotously funny satire of the 1960s controversial Valley of the Dolls boasts a host of psychedelic special features. This special edition DVD includes an introduction by Z-Man, John Lazar, plus a fascinating 30-minute featurette ‘Above, Beneath and Beyond the Valley’ about the making of the hit musical-horror-sex-comedy.

Extras include:

  • John Lazar DVD intro (1:25)
  • Five featurettes:
    • 1. Above, beneath and beyond the valley: the making of a musical-horror-sex-comedy (29:59)
    • 2. Look on up at the bottom: the music of the dolls (10:56)
    • 3. The best of beyond (12:19)
    • 4. Sex, drugs, music & murder: signs of the time, baby! (7:32)
    • 5. Casey and Roxanne - the love scene (4:17)
  • Z-man's far out party favours: a collection of “dolls” treats
  • Two screen tests:
    • 1. Michael Blodgett and Cynthia Myers (3:58)
    • 2. Harrison Page and Marcia Mcbroom (3:27)
  • Teaser Trailer & 2 Theatrical Trailers
  • Six still galleries

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