Beyond the call of duty

I've posted this to say a very big and public thank-you to Videologic who today have provided what is undoubtedly the best customer service I've experienced in a very long time. What is the man going on about, I hear you cry? Well, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

I'm sure you all remember the Videologic Digitheatre DTS competition that finished a couple of weeks ago and was won by Paul Scott. Well, Paul contacted me today to find out what had happened to his prize as it should have been with him some time ago. To cut a long story short, after some investigation, it appeared it had been stolen from outside of his front door after a neighbour had left it there following signing for it from the carriers.

Following this revelation, I contacted the carriers who wouldn't accept any liability whatsoever, so I got back in touch with Videologic to let them know the situation. After leaving it with them for about half an hour, I was called back to say that, seeing as it was very unlikely the earlier unit would ever be seen again, they would pop another one in the post to reach Paul on Monday.

Suffice to say, Paul is dead chuffed, and I am about as impressed as I could be. In fact, I'm so impressed, I've just sat down and written this glowing report of Videologic for you all to see.

Once more, a big thank you to all of the chaps and chapesses who helped both Paul and I out today.

Carl Prescott

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