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Berlin 36 in August

Peccadillo Pictures have announced the UK DVD release of BERLIN 36 for August 12th. From the press release…

1936 Olympics Games, Berlin. Hitler's Aryan policies and increasing racial discrimination against the Jews lead the USA to threaten a boycott insisting that Nazi Germany must allow Jews onto their team. They specifically demand the participation of leading Jewish high jumper Gretel Bergmann (Karoline Herfurth - The Reader, Perfume).

The Nazis reluctantly include her in the team, but to ensure that she doesn't win gold they also include a mysterious rival, the unknown Marie Ketteler (Sebastian Urzendowsky – The Counterfeiters). Like Gretel, Marie is also an outsider and both athletes soon form a strong bond of friendship and mutual support. But Marie hides a dark secret known only to the Nazi elite, a secret so dangerous it could completely undermine their Olympics success.

Director Kaspar Heidelbach weaves an emotional path along the athletic tracks, pitting the bonds of friendship against the bigger backdrop of political manipulation and prejudice. Karoline Herfurth plays Jewish high jumper, Gretel Bergmann, whose promising Olympic career was destroyed by Nazi idealism. Inspired by true events, Berlin 36 is a dramatic account of one of the biggest untold Olympic scandals.

Special features will include interviews with the cast and crew and Gretel Bergmann.

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