Been So Long trailer: A British musical set in London's Camden Town

There aren't many film musicals made in the UK, let alone one set in Camden. We also don't get many romances set around a black couple (Gone Too Far and Burning An Illusion are the only examples that spring to mind). Been So Long stars Chewing Gum star Michaela Coel and brings a touch of La La Land to North London. The film is set to hold its premiere at this year's London Film Festival before arriving on Netflx later in the month. Watch the trailer for Been So Long above to get a first look.

We follow Simone (Coel), a dedicated single mother who, on a rare night on the town is charmed by a handsome yet troubled stranger, Raymond (Arinze Kene); igniting old and new feelings. Set against the backdrop of an ever-changing city, it is a musical with a fresh take on love, life and moving on.

This is an adaptation of the Ché Walker and Arthur Darvill's stage musical of the same name which played at the Young Vic almost a decade ago. Tinge Krishnan directs, with George MacKay, Joe Dempsie and Tom Forbes all in the supporting cast.

Tickets for Been So Long at LFF are still available and you can buy tickets on the BFI website.

The film lands on Netflix on October 26th 2018.

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