BBFC Round Up

Time for a quick browse around the BBFC web site - probably the best place to go for advance details on upcoming DVD releases. Every item on a DVD has to pass through the BBFC before inclusion on the eventual disc...

First up, the big news is that Bruce Lee's swansong, Enter The Dragon has for the first time been passed uncut. Hopefully this will pave the way for a future UK DVD re-release with the film presented in its complete form.

The first two Die Hard films also look like they'll be getting a re-release soon in line with their Region 1 counterparts. So far through the classification process we have:

Die Hard

  • Ad campaign featurette
  • The Vault - deleted bits and pieces
  • Multi-camera shooting
  • Scene editing workshop
  • The Cutting Room - Why letterbox?
  • From The Vault - Newscasts
  • Extended Power Shutdown scene
  • The Making of Die Hard
Die Hard 2
  • Behind-the scenes storyboard featurettes: Breaking the ice (Snowmobile sequence)
  • Behind-the scenes storyboard featurettes: Chaos on the conveyor belt
  • Visual effects sequences
  • Deleted scenes
  • The Making of Die Hard 2
Buffy spin-off, Angel has had a few extras submitted including an 'Introducing Angel' featurette, outtakes, a Season One featurette, a featurette on 'The Demons'.

Finally, the upcoming MGM re-release of Robocop looks set to include the following:
  • Flesh + Steel: The Making of Robocop
  • 1987 featurette: Shooting Robocop
  • 1987 featurette: Making Robocop
  • Deleted scenes:
    • OCP Press Conference
    • Nun In The Street
    • Topless Pizza
    • Final Media Break
  • Two trailers
  • TV commercial
  • Storyboard comparison with Phil Tippett commentary
Thanks to Vince and Colin Maxwell for the heads up on some of the above...

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