BBFC relaxes its policy on multiple versions of the same film

The BBFC have announced that they are to relax the restrictions on there being multiple versions of the same film on sale at any one time.

In their statement, the BBFC said:

"All alternative versions of works that will be released with a higher certificate than the original should, for the purposes of product packaging, be viewed as new film entities and not extensions of the original.

This, it is hoped, will avoid customer and retailer confusion, both in store and at home. All packaging for such releases must differentiate itself, by look and tone, from the original video packaging".

There is a set of guidelines for distributors to follow and these are available in the full announcement on the BBFC site.

In practical terms this now means we could release patterns more closely matching the US where it is becoming fairly common for some titles to be released in both rated and unrated versions. We could in theory see distributors submitting multiple versions to the BBFC for classification at both the 15 and 18 certificates.

Thanks to captaineyecatch on the Forums for bringing this to our attention

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