Battle Royale re-release confirmed

Tartan have confirmed their plans to re-release Battle Royale - this time on what could be a very impressive DVD. As reported in our earlier news item, this disc will feature an NTSC transfer and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound - however the impressive thing is that this disc will be the first progressive scan release in the UK.

Here's Tartan's press release:


Tartan Video has taken the challenge of the latest home entertainment innovations and has produced its first DVD to utilise progressive scan technology, a unique feature of NTSC players now available in the UK. They are entering this new market with the phenomenally successful Battle Royale. Now a whole new audience can rediscover the film that has outraged Japanese authorities and has had American distributors running scared despite Entertainment Weekly declaring it one of the year's best films not to be released in the US.

Progressive scan enhances the quality of the picture and heightens the enjoyment of the film. This means that the quality of the film is increased tenfold both in terms of visual and audio impact over the regular Region 2 or Region 0 discs.

For the uninitiated, Battle Royale is a wickedly black comedy from Japan starring Beat Takeshi. Directed by Kinji Fukasaku, it's set in the near future when the Japanese government has legislated against rising youth violence. Each year, a classroom is randomly chosen and taken to a remote island. They are given three days to kill one another and only one is allowed to survive.

The disc is designed to be compatible with UK NTSC players which have Progressive Scan technology. It also includes Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack as well as digitally enhanced subtitles.

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