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Batman Beyond & Justice League Unlimited Final Season sets in March - Specs added

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Justice League Unlimited Season 2 and Batman Beyond Season 3for 20th March 2007 priced at $26.99 SRP each. The final 13 episodes of these action-packed series come to DVD with the following features...

Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Second Season

  • Cadmus Exposed: - Here’s a treat for JLU fans still recovering from last season’s “top secret” Cadmus arc. Bruce Timm and other key creative minds behind Justice League Unlimited gather for an informal discussion of the entire Cadmus storyline, from its revelation in “The Doomsday Sanction” to the shocker secret in “Epilogue.” Mark Hamill (Star Wars) (a.k.a. “The Joker” and “The Trickster”) brings his unique energy and charm as he moderates the conversation.
  • Ever wanted to sneak into a private producer’s screening? Well, here’s your chance. We’re going to roll a trio of “fan favorite” episode acts from the final season of Justice League Unlimited (chosen by the producers). Bruce Timm and key creative minds from JLU will be watching the sequences, commenting on specific moments and also discussing the overriding themes and episode highlights of the season. You will not only be able to hear them talk, but will be able to see them as well!
  • Music only track of the episode “Destroyer,” complete with an on-camera introduction by Bruce Timm

Batman Beyond: Season 3
  • Inside Batman Beyond: Season 3 – Join the producers of Batman Beyond (Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Paul Dini & Glen Murakami) and moderator Jason Hillhouse for the last installment of their in-depth panel discussion, focusing on the spectacular final season of the superhero series.
  • Close-Up On… - Sit down with the creative minds behind Batman Beyond as they discuss their favorite moments from key episodes of the series’ final season: “Out of the Past”; “The Call, Part 1”; “The Call, Part 2”; “The Curse of Kobra, Part 1.”

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