Bad Boys II Press Release - A few more details emerge

Further to yesterdays news update Columbia Tristar have now issued the press release for Bad Boys II which elaborates a little more on the bonus features present...

Culver City, Calif., September 29, 2003 – Bad Boys II, the mega-action packed summer comedy, which grossed more than $137 million, will be released on DVD and VHS on Tuesday, December 9, from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment (CTHE).

The thrills never stop in this caper, which stars superstar Martin Lawrence (National Security, Big Momma’s House, Bad Boys) and Will Smith (Men In Black, Bad Boys), produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Michael Bay. With its continuous, mindblowing special effects, hip soundtrack and breathtaking car chases, this worldwide boxoffice smash opened number one at the box office, the perfect successor to the wildly successful Bad Boys.

Lawrence and Smith team up once again to prove that their dynamic chemistry is undeniably charismatic, and the in-your-face action scenes keep the film’s danger quotient at an all time high. This must-have summer blockbuster, co-starring Gabrielle Union (Bring It On, Cradle to the Grave) and Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, The Matrix), is sure to keep audiences laughing while at the edge of their seats.

Bad Boys II is available on a 2-disc Special Edition DVD in its original theatrical R-rated version. The DVD will be loaded with features including director, cast and filmmakers’ commentaries, production diaries, visual effects featurettes, stunt work featurettes, music videos and deleted scenes. See below for a complete listing of the DVD features.

Also available on DVD will be a two-pack featuring Special Edition DVD versions of Bad Boys and Bad Boys II.


Disc One
• Widescreen Presentation of the Feature

Disc Two
• 7 Deleted Scenes
• 6 Sequence Breakdowns – 6 key scenes from the film are broken down in painstaking detail
• 19 Production Diaries – see all the blood, sweat and tears that went into filming Bad Boys II
• A featurette on the Stunts of Bad Boys II
• A featurette on all of the Visual Effects in Bad Boys II
• Music video: Jay-Z’s “La-la-la”

So what the press release confirms is that Disc One will only feature a Widescreen transfer of this 150-minute film, which is a good thing as the proposed Full Frame transfer would only compromise the overall quality. What the press release also does is confuse matters further by suggesting commentaries are present, when they are not. DVD Special Features producer David Prior has posted on the Home Theater Forum's confirming this.

Our previous article announcing this DVD release has now been updated to reflect the final details.

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