Babylon 5 Season 1 coming to DVD in the 'fall'

Aint It Cool News have posted a story revealing Warner were happy with the sales of their 'In The Beginning/The Gathering' Babylon 5 DVD and have given the go ahead to produce full season boxsets of the sci-fi series. The first season is apparently due in the fall (Autumn) and should feature audio commentaries on at least two episodes with other features surely guaranteed.

Here is the relevant quote from the story...

"In case you haven't heard, Joe Straczynski has officially confirmed that Warner will be releasing the first full season of BABYLON 5 on DVD this fall, as a boxed set. JMS promises to add commentary to at least two episodes-- probably "Signs and Portents," which introduces Mr. Morden and the Shadows, and "Chrysalis," the first-season cliffhanger. He's also considering adding commentary to the time-travel tripper "Babylon Squared," as well as some sort of video introduction for the set.

Word first leaked out when Warner's closed-captioning person started asking around for original scripts, so as to get the captioning just right. JMS quickly confirmed that this was legit. Sales were apparently good enough on the first DVD, "In the Beginning/The Gathering," that full production could be justified."

The Digital Bits have also posted details of this release stating the information originated from the newsgroup where creator/executive producer J. Michael Straczynski posted the following...

"Season One will be out in a boxed set this Fall, and they're going to be including at minimum two commentaries from me, probably on Signs and Portents and Chrysalis (it's a matter of how much time and energy I can give to it given that there's no fees involved and I'm in the midst of Jeremiah), and if possible, Babylon Squared, maybe Sky Full of Stars. They'd also like to film an on-camera intro by me (but I guess folks will buy it anyway, even with that particular horror included). They're pulling together a lot of stuff on this release so that there are plenty of extras this time around, now that the value of the DVDs has been shown by the first release."

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