August Region 1 Superbits

Columbia Tristar have announced four more Superbit releases for 5th August 2003. The titles getting the treatment are: John Carpenter's Vampires; The One; The Quick And The Dead and Starship Troopers. All films will be presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with English DD5.1 and DTS 5.1 Audio tracks with a small selection of subtitles (English, French and Spanish at the very least). Retail is $26.95 each.

As with all Superbit releases there will be no bonus features as the entire disc is dedicated to offering the best in audio/video quality, as the standard blurb explains...

PURE PERFORMANCE The Superbit™ Collection will set a new benchmark in high resolution DVD picture and sound, creating the ultimate in home entertainment. Superbit™ DVDs utilize a high bit rate digital transfer process that optimizes video quality and offers both DTS and 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. Use your existing home theater equipment to its optimal performance.

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