Arrow brings you the Eric Rohmer collection

Arrow Films have announced the UK Region 2 DVD releases for My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (1987) and Love in the Afternoon (1972), two films directed by the hugely successful, Oscar® nominated French director Eric Rohmer, who worked alongside Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, forming part of the Nouvelle Vague (New Wave) period of French cinema. These films are the first in a new line of titles that will form the Eric Rohmer collection over the coming months. The other titles in the collection are:

  • The Green Ray
  • The Marquise of O
  • Pauline on the Beach
  • The Beautiful Marriage
  • The Aviator’s Wife
  • Full Moon in Paris

    Details on the first two releases are:

    My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend – release date 20th October 2003

    The César nominated My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (L’ami de mon amie) is the final installment of Rohmer’s “Comedies and Proverbs” and stars Emmanuelle Chaulet (Chocolat) as Blanche, a young clerk who lives in the Paris outskirts. In one of the most blissfully relaxed romantic comedies of all time, Blanche befriends a girl called Lea (Sophie Renoir). Lea is going steady with Fabien (Eric Viellard) who is a friend to Alexandre (François-Eric Grendon) who is going steady with Adrienne (Anne-Laure Meury) but is however loved by Blanche. Somehow a way has to be found to get out of this emotional chaos! By the end of this film, you may know the characters better than they will ever know themselves.

    Extras: Eric Rohmer short film: Veronica and her dunce

    Love in the Afternoon – release date 3rd November 2003

    Love in the Afternoon (L’Amour l’après-midi) is an intriguing story about love and monogamy starring Bernard Verley as Frédéric, a partner in a small Paris office who is happily married to Hélène (Françoise Verley). In the afternoons, Frédéric daydreams about other women, but has no intention of taking any action. One day, Chloé (Zouzou), who has been a mistress of an old friend, begins dropping by his office. They meet as friends, irregularly in the afternoons, till eventually Chloé decides to seduce Frédéric, causing him a moral dilemma. Love in the Afternoon is a fascinating film in which the action is subtle, true and intriguing. The film forms the final jewel in Rohmer’s six-piece Moral Tales set.

    Extras: Eric Rohmer short film: The Metamorphosis of the Countryside

    Retail is £17.99 each.

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