ANON trailer: Andrew Niccol's film coming to Sky Cinema Original Film

With Netflix continuing to steal all the headlines with their original content over the past couple of years (with hardly anyone talking about Amazon), you may have missed the news that Sky were also entering into the filmmaking business.

Announced at the end of January, Sky Cinema Original Film will be working across several genres releasing the films on Sky Cinema Original Films channel with the films also due to hit cinemas. The first of these is Monster Family which gets a wide release tomorrow, and there plans to release Final Score with Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista and The Hurricane Heist, directed by Rob Cohen.

Another film due for release in May will be ANON, directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time, Good Kill) and starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried. It's set some time in future where advanced biosyn implants mean everyone is subjected to a relentless visual stream of information they call the ‘Mind’s Eye’, privacy and anonymity as we know it has vanished.

With everyone’s personal information on public display and each person’s life recorded down to the millisecond, Sal (Owen) becomes embroiled in a complex murder case and comes into contact with a woman seemingly with no identity (Amanda Seyfried). The security of ‘The Mind’s Eye’ appears to have been compromised and they team up to track down the killer before he strikes again.

ANON will be released in UK cinemas and on Sky Cinema from May 11

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