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Over the past weekend there have been a couple of conventions in the US, here I have rounded up the various nuggets of information that have thus far surfaced along with the usual title announcements and updates from around the world...

Manga Entertainment: Having just finished the English Dub for the Evangelion Movies they have stated that the discs will include English DD5.1 tracks and if they can secure the rights expect to see Japanese DD5.1 tracks as well, if not the Japanese language tracks will be present in DD2.0. Extras on this 2-disc set will include English Dub outtakes, Character Bios and an English reproduction of parts of the Red Cross Booklet (a book given out at the Evangelion Movies Premiere). They also have an interview scheduled with director Hideako Anno that, providing it is not cancelled should also make the DVD release that is scheduled for March 2002 with an MSRP of $29.95. Other titbits include - Guyver is currently being worked on and Giant Robo is due May 2002 (oh please let them do a good job with this one!).

Black Magic M-66: Recently announced by Manga Entertainment for an R1 release on the 30/10/2001 is this 60-minute film from Masumune Shirow (Creator of Ghost in the Shell) and Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Director of Blood: The Last Vampire). Look out for English (DD5.1) and Japanese (DD2.0) Audio tracks, English Subtitles, and Character Bios on this otherwise featureless DVD.

ADV News: Negotiations for Noir are in the final stages and anyone who has sampled this fantastic show will know that the DVDs have the potential to be an audio/visual delight! Excel Saga is in the English Dubbing phase and some 'great extras' are planned. Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 1 is currently being remastered (removal of Overlays is the primary difference) and will be available both separately and as part of the forthcoming Eva Box sets that will also be available separately for those who already own the series. Both 'Premium' and 'Normal' box sets were announced, the 'Premium' is priced higher although quite how different it is to the 'Normal' box set is anyone’s guess. Soul Hunter will be a 6-disc series (now the standard format for 26-episode series from ADV) featuring English and Japanese DD2.0 Audio tracks, English subtitles, with extras of the character bios, voice actor bios, relationship tree, glossary of terms and translator notes ilk present on each disc. In other interesting news ADV are planning over 100 Original Anime Soundtrack releases in 2002!!

Metropolis R2 Japanese Release: As previously reported both the Regular and Memorial Box Edition of this Rin Taro and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) movie will be released 7/12/2001 in Japan. We can now report that the Memorial Box will include the 1997 Pilot Film, Trailer and Promo Collection alongside a Deluxe 120 page Booklet, a 500 page Storyboard Booklet and of course the Collectors Box (available for one year only). Unfortunately only Japanese subtitles have been announced at this stage, but then the same was true of Avalon (also a Bandai release) and that turned out to have English subtitles on release so hopes are high.

Madman R4 News: Wings of Honneamise has now been removed from its previous October slate, reasons are currently unknown although it is most likely down to Madman trying to obtain better source materials for their release (this is a good thing). Otherwise the current October and November release lists are looking particularly healthy, but sadly the recently announced December release line-up is somewhat lacking, with only a further three Dragonball-Z discs, another Martian Successor Nadesico release and Legend of the Overfiend/Demon Womb double set lined up.

Point your browsers to Anime On for a more in-depth look at the various conventions that were held in the USA over the weekend.

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