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R2 News In my last update I mentioned the Otomo penned Metropolis was due for an R2 Japanese release in December, well now we have a little more information for you. On the 7th December 2001 there will be both a standard edition (3800yen) and a Memorial Box edition (12800yen) released.
R1 news from Otakon 2001 Thanks to the updates on Anime on DVD
Cowboy Bebop Boxset $199.99 20/11/2001 - This boxset will contain the already available 6 Single DVDs along with the 1st OST CD, this is the only known extra for the boxset. Many fans will be pleased to know that the box will be available to buy separately although there is no confirmed price.
The 1st volume of Love Hina (from Bandai) will be available in two editions come February 2002. One edition will be a standard DVD release, while the other version will be the 1st DVD housed in a boxset that is designed to hold all 6 of the planned releases. This is fantastic news (and very Japanese in style) and is hopefully how Bandai (and other R1 companies) will release future series so as to not alienate buyers into waiting for potential boxset releases of their favourite anime series.
ADV are looking into re-issuing Evangelion volume 1 (presumably to take out the Overlays that annoyed many fans) and possibly creating a new cover for Evangelion Volume 2 (presumably so the entire set matches when lined up on your shelves).
Other R1 news
Manga Entertainment have officially announced their next DVD release, 'X', for the 25th September 2001. The press release is not clear as to whether we will see an anamorphic print, but the disc will feature both Japanese (Stereo 2.0) and English (Dolby Digital 5.1) languages along with an interview with the films director. The R4 release from Madman is due out on the 10th October 2001.
R4 Release News
Madman recently released the Miyazaki classic Castle of Cagliostro on R4 DVD. Any fan of this film or just those who have read my review of the R2 (Japanese) release will know that there were high hopes for the R4 release to contain both a decent anamorphic print and the correct subtitles. Unfortunately it appears to be nothing more than a straight port of the R1 disc offered by Manga, so although the subtitles are correct it still uses an average non-anamorphic print. This is a wasted opportunity in my opinion but hopefully not one that they will repeat as another release that fans are eagerly awaiting is the R4 edition of The Wings of Honneamise, at the recent Manifest show in Australia Madman stated they were waiting on better video materials for the R4 edition due to the critical bashing the R1 has received.
Madman have also recently updated their website, due for release on the 14th November 2001 are...
Akira Special Edition - No official specs yet but it should contain the remastered print and English soundtrack as found on the R1 disc, along with most, if not all of the R1s extra features.
Card Captor Vols 1 - 3 - Three separate releases, these will apparently be the cut dubbed versions produced for television. A good point to note here is that this is another Pioneer licensed series (along with Lain) suggesting negotiations with Pioneer are going well and with any luck we should see Trigun sometime next year.
Fist of the North Star - Again, no specs but an interesting point is that I believe this is the first Manga title released via Madman that has no R1 equivalent, hence this disc will not just be a straight port like so many other Manga titles Madman have released.
and of course the usual monthly updates due for release on the 14th November are...
Dragon Ball Z Volume 4.2, Dragon Ball Z: Movie 2, Lain Volume 3: Deus, and Martian Successor Nadesico Volume 4.
And finally, a (very) brief roundup of news from the Manifest show in Australia....thanks to the Australian Anime Info Guide for the information.
Madman are now dealing with most US companies and own the rights to the entire Manga Entertainment catalogue, they are also looking into the UK market.
They have acquired 80 episodes of Sailor Moon, are in negotiations for Gundam Wing and are considering boxset releases of existing titles for Christmas.

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