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Animalia...Where Animals Rule! in March

Animalia...Where Animals Rule!

This Easter, children around the country will be transported to a wild new world of fun and adventure as Animalia: Where Animals Rule! roars on to DVD for the first time ever.

Available from 3rd March 2008, priced £12.99, this magical and humorous DVD from BBC Worldwide contains the first seven episodes from the hit CBBC series Animalia. Based on the internationally best-selling book by Graeme Base, the fantastical world where animals talk, is bought vividly to life with powerful imagery in high quality CGI and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Running to over two and a half hours including a pack of extras, Animalia: Where Animals Rule! is a must-have DVD for the Easter holidays.

Following the successful legacy of the acclaimed books, Animalia: Where Animals Rule! charts the beautifully animated adventures of human heroes Alex and Zoe as they are swept from their local library into Animalia - a unique world of speaking animals! Cool kid Alex and savvy Zoe soon make a host of friends including the teenage G’Bubu the gorilla and his feisty sidekick Iggy D’Iguana - both enchanting characters that have captured the imaginations of children the World over. But Zoe and Alex soon realise that everything is not as it should be in the once peaceful kingdom. Unusual events are undermining the very fabric of civilisation and the heart of Animalia - the Core. With their new best friends, G’Bubu and Iggy, they use their wits and imagination to help solve the mysteries and bring harmony and order back to the land.

Animalia: Where Animals Rule! combines loveable characters, humorous and memorable stories and outstanding graphics to transport kids in to a World like no other. This two hour DVD features a host of colourful characters in seven individual episodes first seen on CBBC in late 2007. Own it on DVD from 3rd March 2008.

Hello, We Must Be Going: In this episode, we meet Animalia's ruler, Livingstone, who befriends the kids and asks for their help in repairing the Core, the magic orb that is at the center of Animalia's well-being. Alex and Zoe are taken under the wing of gentle but strong G'bubu Gorilla and his best pal, the boastful Iggy D'iguana. We also meet the librarian Reenie, the Elephants, the Zebras, the Hogs, the Media Mice, and the series' two significant trouble-makers: Allegra and Tyrannicus, who take an immediate dislike to the human arrivals.

Goodbye, We Must Be Staying: When Corespore blast off, Alex and Zoe must track them down and restore them to the Core or the Animalian population will return to its feral, uncivilized state. Zoe is torn between her fascination with Animalia and her need to return home.

The Mists of Time: After The Corespore Of Time blasts off, G’Bubu is swept back in time, to an ancient era when his gorilla ancestors fought for control of the trees against their mortal enemies, the tree frogs...big, big tree frogs.

Catcher In The Rhyme: During a poetry recital, Allegra's expresses her disinterest in "rhymes" by throwing a tantrum that sends a Corespore flying. The result: all Animalians are compelled to speak in nothing but rhyme. And if they fail to come up with a rhyme, they get stuck - - and freeze in place. Zoe and Alex must recover the Corespore before the Animalians are stuck forever!

Forget Me Not: When Erno and Elni Elephant, who never forget anything, suddenly forget everything, Alex and Zoe go on a search for Corespore in a place where lost Animalian memories go: Memory Canyon. The kids discover ancient catacombs where records of Animalia's long lost history are stored. They find the Corespore in time to restore the elephants' lost memories, and in time to thwart Tyrannicus' latest plan to take over the kingdom.

Long Story Short: An important message is incorrectly communicated and the kids must find the truth about Livingstone's disappearance. Livingstone tells Reenie he's leaving Animalia for the day to visit his Uncle Leo, but Reenie doesn't pay close attention, and she relays the wrong information to others. This Animalia-wide version of the game "Telephone" results in pandemonium, and Tyrannicus takes advantage of the situation by arranging to have G'Bubu banished and having himself proclaimed king.

Righting the Writing: When a Corespore blasts off from the Core, words go missing all over Animalia. Tyrannicus uses this situation to evict G’Bubu from his tree house, while Allegra and her gator gals search for the thief who allegedly stole the mammoth ALLEGRA sign that she just installed on the roof of her home.

DVD extras

Character profiles: Get the low down on your favourite Animalian friends.

From Book to Screen: An interview with author Graeme Base and producer Ewan Burnett, on how Burberry Productions were able to bring to life the beautiful drawings from Graeme’s original books.

The Animation Process: Documentary charting the process of transferring the 2D character and set drawings into 3D CGI animation. Introduced by director David Scott, the documentary features interviews with artists and animators who explain how the series was created and realised.

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