Angel IS coming (but not in Widescreen)

Good news for Buffy / Angel fans - as we've been reporting for a couple of weeks, the 10 December release date was spot on. That date will see a full release of the first season retailing at £79.99.

According to the latest information they've passed out to retailers, we can expect commentaries, 4 featurettes, outtakes, TV spots, scripts, cast bios and a gallery presented in a 6-disc 'Digipack' - so the same packaging as the X-Files by the sound of it. This is of course all subject to change, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Bad news though is that the discs are expected to be Pan & Scan - is that a backlash I hear approaching? Angel certainly was filmed in widescreen from the start, and if Fox aren't going to be using a full widescren transfer I seriously expect there to be a lot of unhappy punters out there. If people would like to start a petition now feel free to use the comments attached to this news item - I'll present this to Fox if there is enough feedback with the hope of getting them to change their mind. Please only post reasoned argument and don't use this as an excuse to post abuse aimed at Fox.

Thanks to Mark Harris over at Streets Online for confirming all of this for me.

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