And I'm Off

This is my last update to the site before I leave for Blackpool to start work. It's been fun, but hopefully this isn't the end for the site! Over the next few weeks, the site is in the very capable hands of our regular contributors so there shouldn't be too many problems. Regular news updates should continue along with the latest reviews so there's no chance of the site becoming stagnant.

Once I'm settled 'up north', hopefully I'll be able to work the site into my daily routine (although updating you all from a hotel room isn't going to be easy). Thankfully, my home-cinema access isn't going completely so each weekend I'll be 'back in the fold'.

Hopefully I'll be back on the site sooner rather than later. E-mail response times are going to drop, so if you have any DVD related questions either utilise the forums or contact one of the other site contributors who may be able to help. I will be reading ALL my email, but I can't guarantee that I'll be replying to everything promptly.

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