Anchor Bay UK: November line-up

Anchor Bay UK have now revealed the initial details and artwork for their UK Region 2 DVD releases due on 24th November 2003. First up is one of their most anticipated sets, The Amicus Collection. This limited edition set (just 5000 units will be produced) retails at £39.99 and includes five films, only two of which will be available to buy separately:

Follow the links for details on the last two titles that will be released separately in October.

The other titles announced for 24th November 2003 will all retail at £14.99 each. They are:

Scarecrow - When frustrated nerd Lester dies at the hands of those who tormented him in life he comes back as an evil Scarecrow and seeks revenge against the bullies.
  • DD2.0 Stereo, DD5.1 & DTS Surround
  • Trailers
  • Outtakes
  • Production Notes
  • Photo Gallery
Scarecrow Slayer - When Dave and Karl attempt to steal the legendary Scarecrow from Farmer Caleb's field, Dave is accidentally shot and his soul is given new life as the terrifying Scarecrow. One by one, the Scarecrow murders anyone who stands between him and the object of his desire -- Mary, his former girlfriend.
  • DD2.0 Stereo, DD5.1 & DTS Surround
  • Trailer
  • EPK Behind The Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
13 Dead Men - When Malachi, a master thief, is condemned to death row for a murder he didn't commit, he goes up against a cruel warden who wants the diamonds Malachi hid before he was caught. Now, Malachi's crew must break him out of prison before the warden pulls the switch, or the diamonds are lost forever.

While we wait for the full announcements on these titles here is a look at the artwork for all four releases including the coffin-shaped digi-pack for The Amicus Collection...

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