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Fans of good old fashioned British comedy (or sexist drivel depending on your point of view) will be delighted to learn that Anchor Bay are releasing The Best of Benny Hill on the 10th July. This is the 1974 "highlights" film that was released in cinemas and not, sadly, original material from the Thames TV show. Still, it's certainly going on my pre-orders list. It's naturally full frame and mono only, but somehow I find that rather comforting.

As if this wasn't enough, also released on the same date is the much-beloved Hell Comes To Frogtown starring Roddy Piper. This is, believe it or not, an anamorphic widescreen special edition with an audio commentary that should be a must-listen for all fans of trash.

Anchor Bay are also issuing a limited edition series of Dario Argento double-packs; these comprise Inferno and Phenomena, Demons and Demons 2, and Deep Red and Tenebrae. Each pack is limited to 5000 copies and will retail for a reasonable $39.95.

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