All hail the first trailer for Dear Dictator

The first trailer for upcoming comedy, Dear Dictator, has just been released by Universal, which you can now watch above.

The film focuses on Tatiana, a misfit teen, who begins writing letters to notorious British-Caribbean dictator, General Anton Vincent. When a coup overthrows Vincent, he flees to Tatiana’s home she shares with her single mum Darlene.  While hiding out in suburbia, Anton teaches the teen how to start her own high school revolution by taking down the popular kids and putting herself in a strong position of power.

Sir Michael Caine, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes, Seth Green, Jason Biggs all star and husband and wife Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse (Amateur Night/The Escorts) are directing.

Dear Dictator arrives in the States mid-March but no news yet on a UK release date.

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