Akira: The Play247/Tin fiasco

Over the past few weeks we've recieved a number of e-mails from people complaining about online DVD retailer Play 247 and the companies apparent inability to supply the recently released tin packaged version of Akira: Limited Edition. I was in the same boat myself and was less than pleased to received the non-tin version of the set even though I was charged the same price and no-one at Play 247 ever contacted me to ask if this was OK.

We thought it would be a good idea to see what Play had to say for themselves so off went an e-mail and at last we've had a response from one Simon Perree offering something in the way of an explanation.

Mr Perree said "when we ordered this title we were advised by Pioneer that we would receive a percentage of the Ltd Ed, but they would not confirm an exact amount . So to not disappoint people we took the decision not sell it separately as they would not guarantee us exact numbers". Which is all well and good - but that doesn't get around the fact that even today other UK-centric Region 1 retailers are offering the tin version for sale (although stocks are running out fast). Why did it take Play so long to send out the discs, and why did they not contact their customers to make them aware of the situation.

Mr Perree went on to say "We thought it was fairer to allocate the tin on a first come first served basis, and we advertised Akira as 'Tin available while stocks last'. Possibly we could have worded this clearer, and I have spoken to our content team and we will look into this. If any of your readers do feel unhappy with the Special Edition they are more than welcome to return it to us and we will refund them".

Many of our readers have commented at the lack of response from Play on this issue (and others), and we hope this isn't a sign that the well-respected retailer has decided that they already have enough customers and don't need to worry about upsetting a few. Word spreads fast in the on-line world - just look at last year's Boxman upset. No doubt, this news item will prompt quite a response from you, our readers, and I will make sure that Play 247 are aware that it exists. If anyone from Play would like to comment further on this feel free to register and make use of the comment facilities we offer.

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