Akira R4 Final Specifications

Akira finally received its R4 release from Madman Entertainment yesterday. Ending months of speculation the disc is essentially a disappointment as it loses practically all of the extra features found on Pioneers superb R1 special edition (Review Here) although the inclusion of a PAL transfer and the original Streamline English Dub may well tempt hardcore fans...

The specifications are as follows...

  • Single DVD-9 Disc
  • PAL Anamorphic Widescreen (1:85:1)
  • English DD5.1 (The new Pioneer Dub)
  • English DD2.0 (The old Streamline Dub)
  • Japanese DD2.0 and English Subtitles
  • Akira Production Report (The old Streamline version)
  • US Theatrical Trailer, Japanese Trailers (Special Announcement A&B and 2 Trailers)

Sadly the only extra feature of any real value, the Akira Production Report, is the old 'Streamline' version which means any Japanese speakers (all of them!) are horribly dubbed over with various English voices whereas the Pioneer R1 release featured remastered subtitles for the same extra feature. Still, the old Streamline English Dub, while technically poorer than the new Pioneer effort will certainly please many fans who grew up on it (including me) but I find it hard to believe that this release is for anyone but the completists and those looking for 'just the film' at a cheap price.

Finally, before we get any comments on this, all the information on both the official Madman site and the majority of retailers (EzyDVD were an exception) is incorrect! The features for this release are as above.

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